UI Design

UI Design


Creating a website or application is a long procedure from brainstorming to sketching and finally programming and coding. As a design student I can help you start the process with putting your ideas onto paper. From there I can make wireframes to showcase the potential lay-out. With programs like Adobe XD and Figma I can continue prototyping the desired design of your website or app.


Contact me with what kind of portrait you want and I’ll contact you back if I have time immediately or if I am already busy with other assignments. After the confirmation, send me reference websites or applications for inspiration. Explain what you want as detailed as possible with other instructions like what kind of colors and icons it needs to have. We will be sending a few sketches, wireframes and prototypes back and forth until we are both pleased with the result.


Take a look at my design projects for more elaborative explanations of my examples.

Webshop prototype


Weather app prototype

Sign up page prototype


The pricing of the design will be determined by the amount of pages and time I will spend on it. Estimated price is between €5 and €50.