The project

In my last year of high school we could sign up for contributing to the graduation yearbook. Since the majority of my classmates were busy with preparing for the final exams, I was one of the only people actively participating in this project. I was the editor in chief and made the final design decisions.

My idea

It is a given that every senior has to study for the finals to be able to graduate and continue to university or college. In The Netherlands we have a system with different levels of high school education and withing those levels every student can choose their own preferred subjects. However, it doesn’t matter which school you choose, which level you study, or which subjects you picked, every Dutch student recongizes the following books:

These books contain complete summaries of every final exam subject with their entire curriculum. Therefore, I had the idea to completely design the final yearbook like the lay-out of these study books. The color palette is based on the logo of my high school:

The results