Ethnographic research

Ethnographic research

The assignment

When you want to design a new digital product or service, it is important to understand and empathize with the people you are designing for. Only with this knowledge can you make an appropriate design brief. This assignment was to perform qualitative user research and make an ethnographic description of a specific user group.

My process

Firstly, I had to decide on a user group that I would eventually design for. I decided on fans of the music genre Hardstyle. During this week I prepared myself with desktop information about the genre and made a list of interview questions. This was followed by conducting two interviews and observing the user group in their natural habitat; a festival. Afterwards I gathered all the relevant information and came up with user insights which would help me with the design. As end product I transformed the analyzed data into a small documentary shown below, this is because our presentation was limited to maximum five minutes.

The results

The capabilities I gained from this projects are: performing basic techniques (e.g. interviewing and observation) of qualitative user research (design ethnography) to understand and empathise with behaviours, experiences, needs and motivations. My final grade for the report and my video was an 8,6/10 and can be downloaded below.