Bespoke project

Bespoke project

The assignment

Create a card personalisation tool, intangible gift unwrapping experience and an example of the card. Archive all the notes of the design process and reflect on this.
In the end we presented our final designs to the teachers and we handed in our documented research. For this assignment we worked in pairs, each of us had to do research upon their appointed user, create a user portrait of the individual user and combine both of them into one persona. The eventual designs were supposed to be bespoke for the fictional persona we created.

My process

For my design process I used the five-stage Design Thinking Model proposed by the Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (

I collected a lot of information about my user trying to recover insights to what his perfect gift giving experience would be. My research consisted of observation, interviewing, online analysis (examinating their social media) and also a couple of casual conversations.

During this stage I mostly reflected on my gathered data and organized the important information into the following user portrait:

My partner and I procceeded to merge our individual users into one persona and we decided on showcasing our new fictional user through an Instagram page instead of a regular persona. We really tried to go into the mind of our user (what would she post? how would she portray herself?) and the result was this:
We used several techniques to expand our creativity for the designing stage. Examples of the creative techniques are brainstorming, brainwriting, forced connections, how-might-we questions, mindmapping and opposite thinking.

We combined the how-might-we technique with opposite thinking. By examinating what makes a bad gift giving experience, we could avoid making hese mistakes.

The next phase was to converge and visualize our final design idea based on our persona of our fictional user. I designed the digital gift giving experience based on the fact our user likes to travel and plays guitar. The general idea is: our has to click certain locations around the globe the songs remind her of. Every location has a back story and contains a video from her friends and family combined with picture memories of that place. Eventually after her last digital message, she will receive her intangible gift: a trip to Saint-Petersburg.
I made the following paper prototype based on this idea:

The final product I created for a bespoke gift giving experience is demonstrated in this video:

The last and immensely important phase of the process; testing the designs. By testing the protoypes I could improve potential usability factors I missed during

The results

In the end we had to hand in two journals showcasing the research, creative technique notes, prototypes and the final product. For the first journal I received a 9,8/10 and for the second journal I received a 9/10. To know more details about this projects, feel free to read the journals: